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tv   [untitled]    November 27, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm EST

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plus the u.s. is stepping up its presence in the arab world putting all its efforts in creating a proxy army in the region that story is still to come later in the program after the business news after the break here in r.t. . and talking of the businesses dimitris next with that now dimitri russia is pledging to support the euro much needed to light that is true russia has forty two percent of its foreign currency reserves in the euro and prime minister medvedev has said today that he will be keeping it in the year and he was saying that in paris while blessing a major business deal is a way that russia and indeed russian companies can really capitalize on the miseries in your own really get something out of it well apparently there are bargains for the taking basically of the european market right now and russian companies are going ahead with that i'll tell you all about it the couple of great notes after the break thanks a lot to me to. parents
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versus social workers dot nabbing. dot the man you've met children have become prizes to fight for why does the law threaten families for social for if you see me in the film of the right of your home anymore they feel that they have any kind of suspicion about the world of the of your children are often a just better at bringing up kids than their own mom and dad. if your mother. we
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have an industry that's a. concentrated form. of the footrace chill. it was not the military as army announced today it signed a new contract with a unit of the huge contracting however it was not the operation to secure and rebuild the devastated country caliber company taxpayers for its contract for akin to rock. it was the campaign for making billions of dollars oliver. reasonable. or did bills exceed one billion dollars iraq for sale. for profiteers went on a cheap. i
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don't warm welcome to you this is business artsy with me dmitri medvedev let's go straight to our top story russian railways is buying seventy five percent of france's get logistics company for a billion dollars will round out some the deal blessed by prime minister dmitry medvedev was signed with the french want to make a persian in paris on choose day now the head of russian railways letting me come in so there could become a global a just because of his companies the bishan and because of the geographical position of russia. is buying is because the russian investments in the europe so far may be a. i'm wrong but i suppose at least one of the biggies to the history of
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russia by the way that is great most of it because of the wall. it is great because it is what it is lying in the part of europe asia. economical and political collaboration co corp well let's get the details on this deal from katie pilbeam she's at the business desk for us so katie purchase a trend is selling up desperate times desperate measures yeah i think they do definitely. persia's financial strains at the moment they are in a bit of a sticky situation a lot of that is being caused by the dwindling demand from the likes of europe and the u.s. they did say back in february that they were selling one point five billion euros of equivalents just under one point nine billion dollars in a cost cutting programs they've also have the banking and the credit of that business actually rescued by the government as well as that they had to close
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a factory just outside paris and as a result had to slash eight thousand jobs as a result so now a days we see russian railways coming in like the white knight to save the day but you know even a few years back you wouldn't expect european companies to be even trading with russia now time to change you know definitely and you know like i say europe is in the midst of a financial crisis at the moment and at the end of the day dimitri russia are always they have the money to be able to take advantage really of these vulnerable companies that are looking to sell these lucrative deals to them and as i say they have the money to do that and you know i'm talking about the finances in the economics but as far as graft go is concerned it's not all about that because in terms of where russia sits on the map is opportunist to be have because they can tap in to the asian market and that's exactly why. the chief executive was saying
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that the opportunities for the company and now volved you keep saying russian railways has the money where's that getting this money from well that's interesting thing because as we understand it the bulk of it will be coming from spag which incidentally is actually the largest lender herr ross also state it's a state russian company lending to another one we also pay for russian railways to head into europe to also gather up some more ideas from that region from that part of the wealth from from european banks and seems yeah that's what we imagine to happen and the interesting thing to me is it seems to be a trend that's going on at the moment because of course ross have they to call to european banks as well because they're trying to gather up this fifty five billion dollars to finish the purchase of a b. and as you know to me it wasn't always the case that we have this about right now the european banks they too have businesses and they've got to get their money from self and it looks like. sorry seems like it's
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a partnership in heaven at the moment so apparently one russian state company is borrowing from another russian state company to spend a billion dollars abroad now wouldn't it make more sense to spend well that's exactly what taxpayers would be saying to me right now they would be questioning hey hold on a minute why are we spending this money on infrastructure of public services because that's a lot of people would argue where it needs to be spent now these businesses were dog give back and say you know with thinking in the long term we're developing our assets away from the likes of say us treasuries which is what the russian government has spent the money on in the past they are now taking advantage of the timing of this as a vulnerable time for these companies striking why they are in is halt buying up these duty of companies and looking to expand in the future diversifying their balance sheet and making some money and you know at the end of the day if we gave out suppose. say it works for them to say they have to pay their staff and russia
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rallies want to expand so it seems to be working full both parts at the moment to say all right katie pilgrim you're making it sound like it's a win win situation and so that's the way it's actually going to happen thank you. let's move over to the markets consumer confidence in the u.s. is at the highest level in five years but that's not enough to impress investors right now because u.s. markets are hesitant as to how to react to a broad i.m.f. a deal for financial targets for greece some analysts say the or may not be more than another short term fix but in europe it seems this deal could make greece a much less of a risk factor for at least the next couple of months so we are seeing european markets. putting on some gains at the close of tuesday session but here in russia the situation is a bit different we've had the r.t.s. and the my six decline. of eight percent with gazprom being one of the big losers
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is down one and a half percent at the close and staying with great uncertainty with with this situation despite the new potential deal with the i.m.f. is very much reflected in the euro dollar rate i mean it was gaining yesterday now it's shedding value russian ruble is actually gaining against both currencies however russia will keep most of its international currency reserves in the euro that's according to prime minister medvedev he also said russia remains hopeful the next tranche of the greek debt settlement would be fine or and that europe would stay united meanwhile u.k. said trade minister lord green is in moscow he told r.t. only a united ruble united you're of rather can be strong as a shining explains. this state of the global economy largely depends on the health of the eurozone in particular the so-called single market where the u.k. plays a key role i had an opportunity to sit down with green the u.k. minister for trade and investment and a former c.e.o. of the h.s.b.c.
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group he believes that united europe is the key to yuki's sustainable economic growth here's what he said the benefits of the single market are very considerable and very important for us to recognise that the single market is a market of five hundred million people three prosperous markets the world's most integrated market. a great deal has already been achieved which enables companies to trade seamlessly across borders but it's not perfect yet in the day one of the key preoccupations of the british government will be to press for full implementation of the single market in the coming years the minister also said he believes in integration rather than the disintegration of the euro zone like greece exiting the e.u. as the solution to europe's current economic issues we would believe the disease is important to increase the degree of fiscal coordination to move towards banking union and to generally stabilize the markets within the euro zone but we're not
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a member of it and it is for the eurozone members to address the problems we are clearly interested. because as i say we are part of a trading block which includes the euro zone forty five percent of our exports go to the euro zone. rather i was trade minister lord green talking to r.t. exclusively and then well that's it from a bill is back very soon as the news continues on are today. trimmings in this tree even for specialists a voice can produce several sounds it warms but we didn't use the art of throat singing comes naturally picked up like
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a language. a language of communicating with nature it said that's where throat singing originates from the unions believe not only animals but also all the surrounding objects like reverse forests and even stones of souls by imitating the sounds they believe syrians can capture the power of nature. was. there are special instruments that accompany the singing give gainey says there is even a legend about his instrument a gill it says once there lived a poor shefford who had the best horse that won every competition but jealous people killed it on the course was revived as an instrument that those that have suffered a fall is because of the spirit of the horse coming to his dream he said make an
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instrument from a tree the sounding board from the leather of my face the strings. and to remember me make an engraving of my head part of the instrument he did so i called the instrument again which means come back and this melody only instrument is called. to fly as one of the most famous group. in the republic their next goal is to tour broad they say for you or peon since difficult to pick up and sing so i ask them to teach me and see if i can do it. cheerily to the. chair and oh you. did that was sure to say can ya who was you think gang are oh. but now to
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be part of the song and not the actual scrooge singing which i wouldn't even try to repeat. so maybe you have to be born here to be able to sing like this i thought so until i met she looks like it to vini and i don't even speak their language but she is from japan. most says to heart and mind that you come from two hundred years ago until sappy here she's not planning a professional singing career but she keeps practicing just because it's become part of her nature. welcome back you're with out see moscow police are on high alert so authorities are
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apparently bracing for nationalist riots over the sentencing of a mixed martial arts champion who calls the death of a student in a fight loosely kathlyn off explains from the heart of the russian cops and m.m.a. championed by the name of us still mirrors iof was found guilty in a russian imports of reckless homicide after killing a club patron with one punch but he was released from court today after serving about fifteen months in detention now this is has sparked some concerns about potential race riots because the m.m.a. champion and question was from the russian republic of dagestan in north carcasses and this case is quite similar to a different case back in twenty ten that had sparked a massive race riots all across russia and putting right here in my national push should wear it which is where we're standing where thousands of russian nationalists had gathered clashed with police there were massive arrests as well as people who had been hospitalized and after there was the release of mers i have
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from court today russian nationalists leaders have promised in effect to create. a two point zero another sort of clash over over this racial issue and of course as you can see behind me things are quite calm police are certainly on high alert but it doesn't look like there's going to be anything approaching the kinds of violence the kind of ethnic violence that we had seen back when those clashes took place now marsyas had to use his martial arts skills to as effectively deliver one very strong punch that had knocked out the nineteen year old student who had fallen to the ground received a concussion and ends up dying three days later and now the judge had found that the punched. actually only affected the soft tissues of the nineteen year old that the punch with itself is not what killed a young student which is why was released from court. well there's always plenty to see on r t v dot com had there for some stories pictures and analysis online right now for you apocalypse ready. we've got the story of how some enterprising
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companies are offering everything necessary to survive the end of the world. also their prisoners occupy parts of their compound in the russian urals demanding an improvement in standards and the release of some end mates held in solitary confinement. new video footage gives more credibility to claims that syrian rebels are now using surface to air missiles against government forces for the shows a helicopter being hit by a missile and bursting into flames it was reportedly filmed to near a key army base outside the city of aleppo which rebel fighters have been trying to seize for several months arab gulf states have been accused of supplying the rebels with weapons sprue out the conflicts while france is openly admitted it wants to sponsor the syrian revolution paris has pledged one and a half million dollars for the opposition which according to professor paul sheldon foote will lead only to more fighting in syria. france major interest will be to
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continue with. the. burden of the really cured service just as they didn't here in that there's a loophole they were close to gadhafi they didn't really care who took over a few words the. problem with the syrian opposition is that they are not united the only thing you know it's. going to remove the current government coming from a very wide range of. religious viewpoints. viewport. nick origins. arab world to succeed in syria that they were not be able to come together and they would be in no real deciding to determine who will dominate all the other groups. russia has condemned what it calls france's illegal
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decision to allocate money to the syrian national council saying it shouldn't enable violent regime change we've got all the details as well as some moscow's view on the how the crisis should be resolved online. another arab spring country libya is also welcoming aid from the west washington is helping the country improve its military revolution torn countries reportedly hosting hundreds of u.s. soldiers who are training the new libyan army now teams going to each account reports on why america is so happy to help. the pentagon's new outlook forget about full scale invasion is and large footprint occupations instead think of special ops and prophecy aren't just next destination libya the obama administration has received congressional approval to allocate money for a special unit reportedly made up of some five hundred people who will train the country's forces according to one libyan militia commander a team of americans is already in the country looking for recruits
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a major obstacle in their way a vastly divided society there isn't an army and a libyan now and the army is not going to be because whenever you try and get militias which have been legions to a variety of rays of things than the national interest so they have the legions to drive or to a second or to a religion rather than having allegiance to the nation or to the country you cannot build an army but with training and aid fully via the u.s. we have more pragmatic goals then uniting the army you were just teaching them the best way to fight this war training is interesting because the two really about it not so much about you know teaching people how to use rifles and how to use new equipment it's all about really more about indoctrination it make any age one of the children the u.s. uses and as you very successfully up to ensure that the elite in the countries concerned stay loyal to the u.s.
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. a lot in terms of foreign policy the state law to them in terms of opening their economies up he going to. u.s. multinationals will be a movie a very important. for the united states and yes it will start buying american arms and sanctions well it's libya's lots and lots of money to spend according to the state department this year alone the u.s. spent six point three billion dollars financing foreign armies it argues investing in foreign militaries helps build. better alliances and further american interests abroad from the point of view of the u.s. government of course it's very useful to have other countries militaries integrated into the us they get the training then they get the equipment they get the arms it's the full package the idea of proxy armies is not new to the americas track record of training foreign armies has hardly been flawless you have the school of americas for instance which is trained all the the armies that became the torturers of latin america that started after world war two i would say the training troops
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is especially in the middle east in the case of iraq or in afghanistan something of a catastrophe it's premised on a fantasy that if the u.s. buys the uniforms gives them the guns provides in the training that somehow these will be reliable forces you can see in the case of afghanistan the governments are united the governments are partners but the afghan troops don't consider the americans to be their friends in fact they consider them to be cultural aliens who are occupying their country more than fifty coalition troops were killed this year alone by members of the afghan security forces or it is out that the obama administration wants to leave around ten thousand troops in afghanistan to continue to train afghan forces and carry out special operations after twenty fourteen when according to the obama administration american forces are supposed to have completely left the country the afghan government has less than two years to agree or reject the idea the u.s. government may be looking at training armies abroad as a smart investment sort of like outsourcing makes sense in business it's cheaper
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than having u.s. troops on the ground no need to explain dead troops coming home makes sense from a lot of perspectives but that strategy has backfired more than once in the past eliminating populations that didn't want to see their military become a student of washington's wars in washington i'm going to check out. now to some other stories making headlines around the world at least nineteen people were killed and over seventy wounded in iraq. capital baghdad by three near simultaneous bomb blasts cars exploded outside three shia mosques where believers were celebrating a traditional holiday honoring the prophet mohammad. early on tuesday least ten people died in a wave of bombings which hit two cities in the north and one near the capital. there's outrage among hungary's jewish community after a far right politician proposed creating lists of jews who pose a danger to national security nationalist party leader was bombarded with
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accusations of being a fascist and condemned by the government the same m.p. is also known for his harsh rhetoric against the roma minority living in hungary and backing the uniformed vigilantes. fifteen thousand people have taken to the streets of the bangladeshi capital demanding a trial for everyone responsible for a massive factory fire some two hundred factories were closed in the wake of the demonstration with protesters accusing the bosses of neglecting safety standards it comes days after more than one hundred people were killed in a blaze that left them trapped in a close factory. and at least five hundred homes were evacuated in a village in north wales after a nearby river burst stopped at a red show rain overnight extreme weather spread over southern britain leading to over two hundred warnings being put in place emergency workers together with volunteers help those affected get to safety in lifeboats flood levels are
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continuing to rise across the region despite an earlier forecast of dry spells to come. all right bill we'll be back for rio with more of the top news just about five minutes from now at the top of the. issues that so much you know the usual. minute mark with the revolutionary dictator in the making of president mohammed morsi the presidential decree granting him wide powers has reopened the debate about.
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parents versus social workers documented being the last stop any mean that many children have become a prize used to fight full why does the law or threaten families of the social order to see me in the female they have right of willful minimal me they think they have any kind of suspicion about the world will think of your children are often just better at bringing up kids than their own mom and dad using what we have an industry that is so. concentrated on the other for trade children. safe.
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please. please. please. please.
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please. please please please. i live.


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